Susan Job-Vincenzo

Susan Job-Vincenzo, MA, PCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

In December 2009, I received my Master of Arts in Counseling from Walsh University. Since then I have worked with adults and adolescents, helping them learn new ways to think about themselves and the world around them. I am honored and humbled by my clients’ stories and their willingness to share them with me. Together we have addressed many different kinds of issues, including anxiety, depression, panic, grief, relationship issues, boundaries, communication skills, phase of life transitions, and trauma. My goal is to help clients develop tools and skills to cope more effectively. For example, to improve ability to manage stress and anxiety, to cope with panic attacks, to communicate more effectively, to manage symptoms of depression, to have healthier relationships, or to have more compassion for self and others. Together, my clients and I have used tools like mindfulness, relaxation skills, positive self-talk, and sand tray therapy.

sandboxSand tray therapy is an amazing tool for uncovering and working through issues on a deeper level. It is a visual way to express feelings and to represent inner conflict. Sand tray work can provide a deeper experience because it is non-verbal and guided by our unconscious. By utilizing miniatures like animals (of all kinds), cars, trucks, people, trees/plants, you can express your world through symbols and metaphors. Sand tray work is guided by imagination and intuition. It does not require you to be “creative” or “artistic”; you can let your inner self guide you as you explore issues and feelings. Sand tray work can help to facilitate emotional release and deeper realizations, i.e., “a-ha” moments of understanding. We all have the answers we need within ourselves, but we sometimes need help finding them. I look forward to helping you find the answers within. To learn more about me, please view my video!

On a personal note:
My husband Joseph and I have two Australian Shepherds. Reba has earned titles in standard obedience, rally obedience, and agility. Rowan has earned titles in standard obedience and rally obedience. Spending time with Reba and Rowan has helped me to learn to live mindfully, in the moment, without worrying about the past or the future. In addition to spending time with my family, I enjoy reading, gardening, cooking, and watching old movies.