Local Resources

Stark County

Mental Health and Recovery Services Board (MHRSB) – information provided about proper ways to dispose of medications as well as local service providers:

Crisis Intervention and Recovery Services: 330-452-6000

Summit County

The Summit County Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Board:

Portage County

Mental Health and Recovery Board of Portage County

For information about common concerns brought to counseling:

The Anxiety Disorders Association of America focuses on all types of anxiety issues, with information about different anxiety disorders and tips to help you cope.

Additional information about anxiety disorders can be found on this NIMH website:

For information about panic/anxiety attacks:

For information about social anxiety/phobia, these site may be helpful:

Information and support, as well as symptom trackers, for depression and bipolar disorders can be found on the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance website.

Additional information about depression can be found on this NIMH website:

And for information about bipolar disorder:

Going through a divorce? These websites have helpful hints for coping:

And for helping your children cope:

Looking for information about healthy relationships and co-dependency? The Co-Dependents Anonymous website has good information about healthy relationships, boundaries, as well as support groups.

Information about LGBTQ mental health can be found here:

Information about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can be found on these two sites.

Additional information about OCD can be found on this NIMH website:

If you have questions about substance abuse, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has excellent information and current research in the field.

Helpful information about stress can be found on these websites:

Suicide prevention information can be found here:

The Trichotillomania Learning Center has great information for those dealing with hair pulling or skin picking issues.

Learning how to improve work-life balance is often a topic of concern for clients. These resources may help.