First Appointment

Your First Appointment

Whether you contact us via phone or email, we will make every effort to respond promptly. One of our office staff will complete a telephone interview with you to obtain your basic information. If you plan to use your health insurance, we will contact your provider to verify benefits. It is helpful for you to know what portion of the services are covered by insurance and what out of pocket expenses will be your responsibility.

One way you may alleviate normal first appointment jitters, is to arrive with your intake paperwork already completed. This relieves the stress of filling out multiple intake forms in our waiting room. Since the first session sets the tone for the counseling process, we will need the full appointment time for conversation. Our intake forms are available in PDF format by clicking the button at right. If possible, complete, print and bring the forms with you. In case this is your first counseling experience, you may find it helpful to bring along a list of question about the therapy process, so you can feel comfortable. Let us know if we can be of help as you are preparing for this new journey.

First sessions are about getting to know each other….. you getting to know your new therapist and your new therapist getting to know you. First sessions can be difficult and intense because you may share deeply held thoughts and feelings with a complete stranger. It is okay to be nervous! Your therapist will work to help you feel safe and comfortable. The therapeutic relationship is one of the most important components of the counseling process. You want to make sure you feel at ease with this person. It does not happen often, but sometimes the first person you meet with will not be the best match for you. If that happens, let us know and we will talk with you about it and help you find another therapist better suited to you and your needs. Although KPS therapists have a wide range of skills and specialties, we do not have the credentials to treat everything.

What does a first session usually look like? For the therapist, it is about learning about you, your history, and what brings you to KPS Counseling. We will ask many questions to gather information about you, symptoms and concerns, family history, health, and work/education. The more we know about you, the more we are able to help.

Also part of the intake process is to assign a diagnosis and develop treatment goals. A diagnosis is required for insurance reimbursement and is used to help develop goals for treatment. Goals are based not only on a diagnosis but also, and more importantly, on what you want to work on. It can be helpful to think about how your life will be different and what you want to accomplish in counseling.